Child & Adolescent Speech Therapy Services

Advanced Therapy Solutions, LLC offers evaluation and specialized  treatment to infants, children, and adolescents with a variety of  communication disorders. Our services help children that have  difficulties with speech, language, cognition, voice and fluency.

We  also offer specialized evaluations and treatments for swallowing, feeding, and oral motor skills, as well as G-tube to oral feeding  transitions.

Evaluations at Advanced Therapy Solutions, LLC looks at the whole child  through a comprehensive and customized assessment. We take the time to  learn about your child's communication needs through a family interview  followed by an individualized evaluation. Informal, play based,  assessments as well as formal assessment protocols are utilized to allow  for a full picture of your child's communication. Each evaluation is  accompanied by a consultation meeting to discuss your child's strengths  and areas for growth.

Treatment at Advanced Therapy Solutions, LLC is customized to motivate  your child and meet his/her needs. Your child will be working while  having fun! Customized tips and home plans are provided at the end of  each session to assist in faster acquisition of skills and  generalization beyond our office. Progress meetings are provided to  families to track the child's progress and discuss any new issues or  concerns.


Areas of evaluation and treatment include:



Feeding & Swallowing Disorders

Medical and Developmental Conditions

Communication Options

Do you have concerns regarding your child's speech, language, or ability to communicate?

  • Please click here for more details regarding signs to be aware of for early detection of speech and language disorders.

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